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ADA Method

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Children in the modern world are growing in an overly toxic environment. From the heavy use of pharmaceuticals, vaccines, through toxins, additives and preservatives in their food and all the way to insecticides, and even EMFs and other radiations.

We should not be surprised that ailments associated with the nervous system, cognition and behavior, such as ADHD, Autism and Anxieties are not far from being declared as epidemics.

The ADA Method (Advanced Developmental Achievement) is a safe and gentle, drug free, multi-disciplinary method that addresses children’s and adolescents’ emotional, cognitive and behavioral issues such as:  

Learning Disabilities * ADHD and Restlessness * Lack of Motivation * Depression and Anxiety * Aggression and Temper Tantrums * Phobias, Repeated Nightmares * Symptoms typical of children on the Autism Spectrum

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