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One night I woke up about 2:00 a.m with upper abdominal pain. I was in the worst pain you can imagine. I have never in my life felt pain like that night. I could not lay down, stand up or sit. I was pacing the floors for hours. My daughter thought I had gallstones or kidney stones. In the morning she called Ms. Rubinstein. My daughter was just about to take me to the hospital because she never saw me like this. Instead Ms. Rubinstein recommended a remedy after getting all the facts and symptoms.  She said to take it every 20 minutes, and if after 2 doses I don't feel better to go to the emergency room, but to take the remedy with me and continue taking it.  I took it the first time and nothing happened  the second time nothing happened. I said to myself I am going to have to go to the emergency room. Ms. Rubinstein told me to take it one more time as we were ready to leave and I did.  Well I was cured. The Pain went away, I could sit down and lay down. I could not believe all those hours of suffering and when I took a remedy it helped me so much. I was so grateful to Ms. Rubinstein for being so patient and guiding me to the right remedy. I have not felt that since.  A very grateful believer.

Virginia A. Scottsdale AZ

I had great difficulty with sleep, and despite trying various sleep supplements, nothing seemed to work. And then I decided to go see Zoe Rubinstein. She was thorough, very professional and friendly, and she solved my problem!

H.D. Scottsdale AZ

I cannot say enough about Zoe Rubinstein, she is so knowledgeable, patient and kind.  Always there when I needed her to answer questions and guide me through the process.  She is extremely dedicated to her profession and I highly trust her with my health and my family’s health.

D.M. Scottsdale AZ

I suffer from anxiety and depression and I also have a hypothyroid condition.  Before I started homeopathic medicine I was just getting by.  I was very tired all the time, ache, no energy and no motivation.  Homeopathic medicine has changed my life so much for the better.  I love getting up in the morning now, I have full energy all day and my motivation is on the rise.  My aches and pains went away and the anxiety and depression are no longer part of my life.  When treated with Homeopathy you must be patient and give it time and you will see amazing changes in your life and health.  I love Homeopathy and I am a true believer. If you are reading this, I hope you will also give it a chance as it has helped me in so many ways.

Starting my treatment I was completely new to homeopathy. Dr. Rubinstein easily explained how the treatment worked in a clear and concise manner. I have been treated homeopathically for physical and mental ailments. Before homeopathy, whenever I got sick, I would immediately go to doctor’s office for antibiotics. During Dr. Rubinstein’s care I found the benefits that homeopathy offers for treating physical sickness. After coming down with flu like symptoms; high fever, nausea, sore throat, I was treated with the homeopathic remedy Veratrum and within a day I was already back to feeling well. My fever went from a high 101-102 degrees to normal. I did not need antibiotics after taking the remedy.

I have also benefited from homeopathy mentally and emotionally. Dr. Rubinstein gets to know who I am both as a patient and as a person and understands what remedy corresponds best to me. I have benefited significantly from this and am now able to work on eradicating my negative habits and thought processes. As someone who suffers from the annoyance of depression and severe anxiety I have found life more manageable and brighter through homeopathic treatment. The treatment has helped me start onto a path of healing I did not think was possible before and has helped enhance my emotional fortitude and mental clarity. Through the help of Dr. Rubinstein and homeopathy I am overcoming fear and working on myself to be a better person

N.M. Scottsdale, AZ

Before my first visit with Dr. Rubinstein I was skeptical that anyone could help me in my condition. I saw several different specialists and went through several treatments for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, general anxiety, and depression. I tried the traditional western route of medication that did not end successfully.

Dr. Rubinstein steered me in the right direction. I was finding hope where none was initially found. With Dr. Rubinstein’s help, I have received more than just treatment. I now have an understanding what it means to heal and have gained an insight into myself and life. Dr. Rubinstein has offered a specially designed treatment plan for me and has been a supportive all the way through my trying times; both a wonderful doctor and person.


Scottsdale Homeopathy deserves a 5 star rating.  Zoë practices with great care and has infinite patience. Her remedy significantly improved my mental and physical ailments and I could not be more satisfied!  Thank you!

S.T. Phoenix AZ